Who am I

I graduated from University of Bonn and Max-Planck Institut für Mathematik, Germany with a Ph.D. in Mathematics in 2008. My research is in the area of Non-Commutative Geometry, Low Dimensional Topology, specifically Knot Theory and Khovanov Homology. My interests include Non-Commutative Geometry, TQFT Theory, Geometry and Topology in Fluid Flow, Cobordisms, Category theory and Graph Theory. My thesis Titled”Covering, Correspondence and Non-Commutative Geometry” under the supervision of Prof. Matilde Marcolli (Currently: Professor in California Institute of Technology (Caltech)). More details.

During my Master study, I worked on a Fluid Flow Model. A problem of studying a flow of Non-Newtonian fluid in a curved duct with varies aspect Ratio. I solved the problem numerically in different ways (finite difference, finite Volume, and Calculus of variation). I developed programs by MATLAB and MAPLE to get better results. I was changing the parameters of the Model to compare the results of each method. Also, I presented the results statistically. I have a good experience in MATLAB and MAPLE programming

I got my Ph.D. study under IMPRS Fellowship of Max Planck-Institut für Mathematik (MPIM) in Bonn. After that I had the opportunity to visit many universities and Institutes like Florida State University, University of Sevilla, Instytut Matematyki Uniwersytet Gdansk in Poland, IMPA in Rio de Janeiro, The Third World Academy of Science (TWAS) and the Mathematics Department in Abdus Salam International Center for Theoretical Physics (ICTP), Trieste, Italy as a long term visitor (15 months).

During my tenure, I gave lectures in Non-Commutative Geometry, Khovanov Homology for Knot and Graph and the new graph category which I am working on. I got also the chance to participate in some conferences and workshops in ICTP and MPIM in addition to CIMPA research schools in Kiev Ukraine in 2011, Meknes Morocco 2012.

Lately, I got the membership in CIMPA and a reviewer in Mathematical Reviews in AMS.  One of the best times in my study life was (sure in addition to my getting the Ph.D. in Mathematics) when I got the Excellence Award (Republic President Award) for Top Student in Mathematics in IRAQ (September 2001) First Rank.

In 2003 I got the first opportunity to teach at the University of Baghdad, Iraq. For 2 years as an Assistant Lecturer in the Department of Computer Science, First Class, Subject of teaching was Probability and Statistics. One year in the University of Al-Nahrain, First Class. Subject of teaching was Topics in Geometry and Calculus. 3 years teaching Topology and Number Theory in the Department of Mathematics, College of Science for Women, University of Baghdad.

I worked as a programmer (Java, SQL) and Data Analyst (Mathematically and Statistically) in inasys Gesellschaft für Informations- und Analyse-Systeme mbH, Sankt Agustin

Now I am a visitor in Max-Planck Institut für Mathematik.


I made 2 projects the first one is establishing International Center for Mathematics and physics (Plan, Goals, Budges, Building Design … etc).  The Second is establishing a new study of Mathematics in Iraq by working to develop teaching many subjects and start to give more new modern methods in the department of mathematics after a request from 2 universities in Iraq (working on it). Presentation (Minister of Higher Education, University president, 2 times meeting in the Iraq Parliament)


During my study in Italy for a Postdoc in International Center for Theoretical physics (ICTP) in Trieste Italy, I organized 2 agreements between Ministry of Higher education in Iraq and International Center for Theoretical Physics (ICTP), ICTP can invite up to 15 Physicists and mathematicians for research and training during the next 5 years.

I organized agreement between Ministry of Higher education in Iraq and The World Academy of Sciences (TWAS).  TWAS can offer a Number of Ph.D. and Postdoc Positions to the young Mathematicians and researchers in Iraq. Actually, I wrote it by my hands. In Iraq.

I Organized 2 international conferences (responsible for the foreign visitors and with contact with Ministry of, higher education and ministry of the Interior and Foreign embassies). I traveled and negotiated with many resources to get the budget for a conference and convince a sponsor to cover our conference.


Chef Committee

During my working in the University of Baghdad, I was for 2 years a committee Head of providing all the equipment and tools for the Collage (Labs, lecture rooms, and other) and Tenders, Auctions for offers of more than 30,000 (Controlling the budget). I improved the system of the Tenders, Auctions and made it safer and easier.  I was a member of 3 other committees.