Who am I

I graduated from the University of Bonn and Max Planck Institute for Mathematics, Germany with a Ph.D. in Mathematics in 2008. I have a Postdoctoral research experience from Abdus Salam International Center for Theoretical Physics (ICTP), Trieste, Italy.

I have Excellence Award (President Award) for the top Iraqi Universities Graduates in Mathematics in the whole of IRAQ, September (2001).

Over past fourteen years of experience working in teaching Pure and Applied Mathematics courses combined with experience in Statistics, Machine Learning, Numerical Analysis have prepared me well for an academic and teaching career. In 2003, I got the first opportunity to teach at the University of Baghdad, Department of Computer Science, subject of teaching was Probability and Statistics (Statistical Learning). Department of Mathematics University of Al-Nahrain, subjects of teaching were Topics in Geometry, Calculus and Topology. Department of Mathematics, College of Science for Women, University of Baghdad, subjects of teaching were Topology, Number Theory and Algebraic Topology (Master Course).  I registered as a Volunteer lecturer in IMU program to teach mathematics in developing countries and now I am advising a Master student in Syria according to the Program, on a distance learning mode.

I have worked as a programmer and Data Analyst (Mathematically and Statistically) at Inasys Gesellschaft für Informations- und Analyse-Systeme mbH, Sankt Agustin. Also, I worked as a Senior Analyst and Risk Management in Automatic Underwriting Analysis (AUA), Group Buyer Underwriting at Atradius Kreditversicherung Cologne Germany. these have enabled me to acquire very good experience in applied Machine Learning and Statistical learning.

I got my Ph.D. study under IMPRS Fellowship of Max Planck-Institut für Mathematik (MPIM) in Bonn 2008. My thesis titled „Covering, Correspondence and Non-Commutative Geometry”. It is focused on constructing a statistical mechanical system of 3-manifolds as branched coverings of the 3-sphere, branched along embedded graphs (or in particular knots) in the 3-sphere and where morphisms are formal linear combinations of 3-manifolds. An equivalence relation between correspondences given by 4-dimensional cobordisms is introduced to conveniently reduce the size of the spaces of morphisms. Also, We associated to the set of correspondences with composition a convolution algebra and we described natural time evolutions induced by the multiplicity of the covering maps and we considered a time evolution on this algebra, which is compatible with the vertical composition of 2-morphism given by gluing of cobordisms, that corresponds to the Euclidean version of Hartle-Hawking gravity.

Statistical Mechanics is the art of turning the microscopic laws of physics into a description of Nature on a macroscopic scale. Statistical analysis on manifolds is a relatively new domain at the confluence of several mathematical and application domains. Its goal is to statistically study geometric object living in differential manifolds. Many studies arose about the application of Topology and Geometry (Manifolds, knot, links and graphs, Noncommutative Geometry and Khovanov homology) in quantum and statistical mechanics. This project is the starting point for my long-term research goal of expanding the field of my research interests in Khovanov Homology, Category Theory, Cobordism Theory, Floer Homology, and Noncommutative Geometry which provides me with the ability to teach advanced courses such as topological quantum field theory Algebraic Topology, knot Theory and its applications in physics for under-postgraduate students.

During my Master study, I worked on a Fluid Flow Model. A problem of studying a flow of Non-Newtonian fluid in a curved duct with varies Aspect Ratio. I solved the problem numerically in different ways (finite difference, finite Volume, and Calculus of variation). I developed programs by MATLAB and MAPLE to get better results.

Recently, I got the membership in CIMPA Centre International de Mathmatiques Pures et Appliques, Reviewer in Mathematical Reviews in (AMS) and Reviewer in Mathematical Reviews in Zenttralblatt MATH (zbMATH).